• Upcoming Tournament Dates:

    Saturday, 5/20/2017, from 5PM to 10PM

    Saturday, 6/17/2017, from 5PM to 10PM

    Saturday, 7/15/2017, from 5PM to 10PM

    Saturday, 8/19/2017, from 5PM to 10PM

    Saturday, 9/16/2017, from 5PM to 10PM

    Saturday, 10/21/2017, from 5PM to 10PM


    Tournament participation is free with all-day admission to the venue (Flippin' Great Pinball).

    Main Tournament Rules:


    Qualifying round will be played on a bank of 5 games (titles subject to location availability on the day of tournament). Players may play unlimited games on each of the 5 qualifying round games. Players will play to achieve the highest score possible on each machine. Points will be awarded as follows for each machine: 100 for 1st, 95 for 2nd, 90 for 3rd, 89 for 4th, 88 for 5th, etc. Points will be totaled across all five games for a total qualifying score.


    Finals will include up to the top 50% of players based on qualifiers (subject to cutoff based on high tournament turnout). Any ties will be broken by a single head-to-head match prior to finals. Finals will start with the lowest-ranked players battling in 4-player knockout \"Best 2/3\" sets, with a 4-2-1-0 scoring system based on each machine placement. The highest-ranked player will choose either the machine (from the bank of available tournament games, subject to change between Qualifiers and Finals) or their own play order, followed by the second-highest-ranked, etc. until machine and all placements have been chosen. The two players with the most points after each 2/3 set will advance to play against the next two highest-ranked players until the final four play in a 4-player 2/3 set for 1st-4th place.

    Estimated Players: 16

    Max Games to Win: 11

    Qualifying: 3 Hours

    Side Tournament Rules:


    Players will compete for the high score on a single machine. Qualifying for the highest scores will last from 5pm-8pm. At 8pm, the four players with the highest scores will compete in three 4-player matches on that game, with a 4-2-1-0 scoring system for 1st/2nd/3rd/4th place, respectively.

    For More Information, Contact Stephen Donaldson at: steve@flippingreat.com or (850) 363-1716.